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On this page news about Shekinah is published.

See the website Cobos to read news about these website.

Shekinah website in English

This part of the Shekinah website in the English language started in January 2010 and supports the international Shekinah workshops of Krijn Koetsveld. He is facilitating workshops over 10 years now. He originates from the Netherlands and in 2008 and 2009 his workshops reached the international level. The workshops are given in English.

All information about these workshops is given on this page.

We hope and expect that these English pages will support the further expanding of Shekinah. If you’d like to help us and bring Shekinah to your town or country by organizing a course or workshop, please check out this page to see how easy it is.

You can also e-mail Krijn Koetsveld at krijnkoetsveld@cobos.nl for questions, consultation and arranging of workshops.

Information about upcoming workshops will be published on this page, to indicate times that are probably free to arrange workshops.

Essence of Shekinah: energetic drops

New in the Cobos webshop

Energetic drops, the ‘Essence of Shekinah’, give you the Shekinah energy in an easy, ready to use way, ideal to use on a daily basis. The harmonic synergy of the cosmic and earth energies supports the expansion of your conscious in a beautiful way. This expansion stimulates the manifestation of your personal core essence.


The Shekinah Festival

Shekinah Festival header

Since 2008 the Shekinah festival is a wonderful annual event in the Netherlands, the country of the origin of Shekinah. Read more in English about this festival.

If you’re able to understand the Dutch language, you’ll be able to read more information about the Shekinah festival on this page of the Dutch Shekinah website.