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Shekinah Festival

The Shekinah Festival likes to create a meeting in the atmosphere  consciousness and energy of Shekinah

The Shekinah festival

The Shekinah festival has been organised for several years in the Netherlands. After that we realised that this way wasn’t the best possible way. Actually we were ahead of out time. The atmosphere, consciousness and energy of Shekinah was watering down by to much emphasis on different methods, treatments and therapies. Several individual market stalls increased that picture. Of course it’s completely normal to build a festival that way, but there are more than enough of that festivals. The Shekinah festival may be radiating much more solidarity…

In which way will the Shekinah festival be on it’s best? It was clear that huge changes would happen after December 2012, so I decided to wait and see what these developments would bring. Maybe the answer would come over time along with these changes…

I now feel that this solidarity will grow by itself in a really new, unthinkable way. Will this bring forth the new Shekinah festival? I really think so and I trust it. Of course this doesn’t mean doing nothing, but in the meantime it’s also impossible to force things now. So I look at the signals, which come across the other activities. I listen to my inspiration and I trust my guidance. We’ll see what happens!

Krijn Koetsveld.   

Shekinah Movie

Thwe first Shekinah festival supported the development of the movie From the Heart of the Labyrinth, the film about the Shekinah energy. This movie will tell the story about the Omnipresent consciousness.

In the logo of the Shekinah festival the labyrinth of Chartres. According to ancient stories the Goddess appears in the centre of the labyrinth as soon as you’ve reconciled yourself with your shadow (the part of yourself that you don’t want to be). This is the alchemy of the sacred marriage, revealing your personal essence. This is the process of personal development Shekinah is assisting to establish.

Since two years we work on realising the movie about Shekinah. The story takes place around the labyrinth in the cathedral of Chartres.

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