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Shekinah Course

An integrated way to communicate with the omnipresent consciousness

Lay out of the integrated Shekinah Course

The Shekinah course is following the phases of Shekinah (see the beam  that folds out on the homepage)

The word ‘phase’ refers to the way a star moves through the sky. It moves through it’s orbit in a logical, natural way, without skipping some parts. Each phase has it own spot and each phase is an inseparable part of the unity of the orbit of that star. Shekinah works in the same way. It is build with phases following each other. Therefore it is not possible to skip a phase. For example: to reach phase 3, you’ll have to go through phase 1 and 2 first. But is possible of course to pause at predetermined phase, depending on what you are doing or the situation is demanding.

This makes clear that a Shekinah course always start at the beginning of phase 1. Depending on your needs or what is required in your work, you may choose to continue with the phases until a particular point is reached that suits you well. But if you like to integrate the communication with the omnipresent consciousness, we suggest to attend the course till the end (phase 5).

In the survey mentioned below you’ll find more information, classified to the demands of your situation.

Supporting your work or practice

You’ll learn how to create and maintain a harmonic energy field. We call this field ‘a sacred space’. It works as a portal to bring the energies of Shekinah into the room. After that, this portal is opened in your personal energy system as well. This is called the ‘Antahkarana’.

Creating a ‘sacred space’ in your situation of work or practice and allowing inspiration to come to you through your activated Antahkarana, means that from that moment on you are a channel for the Omnipresent consciousness to inspire the current situation. By working in this way more often, your personal consciousness expands. In this way it becomes easier and the information you’ll receive becomes more accurate. So this is training by experience and practice - just like cycling, swimming and driving a car is learned.

If you like to support your practice or work situation with Shekinah, we suggest to do at least phase 1 and 2 of the Shekinah course. The other phases are optional.

To start a Shekinah practice or to expand your existing practice

To start a Shekinah practice: In a practice working with the Shekinah energies, clients are invited to look at their personal situation differently. The traditional opinion, that a complaint has to disappear, because it is a problem that interferes, is changed into the view that everything has its meaning. Problems and difficult or painful situations try to tell us something. By accepting this, the development starts to flow again. It stopped because of the idea that removing the complaint is appropriate. This applies for physical, psychological and relational problems and therefore also to a combination of these aspects. In brief, working with the Shekinah energies means looking at things from a holistic point of view, that includes the Omnipresent consciousness. The ultimate question in any situation will be: ‘what is the Omnipresent consciousness trying to tell me?’

Creating your own practice with this principal and working with the Shekinah energies and methods you integrated in phase 4 of the Shekinah course, is a start. Extra coaching is available at your Shekinah teacher.

In your existing practice, working with a holistic view, you may expand your personal way of treatment by working in a more inspired way by the Omnipresent consciousness. The Shekinah energies work together with all types of energy work effortlessly. So if you work with coaching, massage, plain energy work or something else, the Shekinah energies will support it. Besides that, with the methods you’ve learned during phase 4 of the Shekinah course, you could expand your way of working, your knowledge and personal skills. If needed, extra coaching is available at your Shekinah teacher.

In both situations counts that the degree of transferring the Shekinah energies, is increased by doing it. If you’d like to speed up that process, we suggest adding phase 5 during your Shekinah course.

If you like to start a practice or expand your existing practice with the energies of Shekinah, we suggest attending a Shekinah course phase 1, 2, 3 and 4. Phase 5 may be added to increase your degree of transferring the Shekinah energies more rapidly. 

Supporting your personal development

Besides study, profession, career, sports and creativity, in ‘personal development’ usually also is included expansion of personal, social and psychological skills. The next step is expanding your consciousness until direct inspired living and working is reached. This means a state of being in direct connection and living in harmony with everything in creation and developing together. Many people don’t see this possibility or deny it categorically. This is a collective border. Therefore personal courage, trust and being a pioneer is needed to cross this line. But by doing so, you take a leap forward in consciousness, for yourself and the collective of humanity as well.

The core of Shekinah, contact and communication with the Omnipresent consciousness, brings you inspired living and working, knowing that everything is interconnected. This means that everything is living in unity with everything and everybody, also with people (still) denying that. The starting point of Shekinah shows that no benefit can be expected of any kind of convicting, fight or struggle. On the other hand it helps to recognize that everything is interconnected, so nothing can be left out, even the things that are still turning their back right now. It is a great challenge to discover your own way and personal strength and to expand it, until it reaches a useful form for your everyday life. You can’t do this on your own and you don’t have to. Trough your activated energy channels your connection and communication with the Omnipresent consciousness increases and on the earth plane there is ‘the Shekinah Unity’: local Shekinah teachers initiating and maintaining local meetings. Working together, building together and supporting each other is very important to support your personal development. Other people and the human collective will also benefit and push back their limits.

If you like to support your personal development with Shekinah, we suggest attending an integrated Shekinah course with all 5 phases. After finishing the course we suggest to join a local group of ‘the Shekinah Unity’.

Teaching the Shekinah course

Teaching the Shekinah course means to become an authorized Shekinah teacher yourself. This also means individual coaching and initiating and maintaining a local Shekinah group. Information on how to become a Shekinah teacher is presented on this page.

Content of the Shekinah course

As said, Shekinah follows the phases of Shekinah (see the beam on the homepage). Phase 1, 2 and 3 helps you to open your energetic connections and to fine tune them. ‘Energy’ could be described as an information carrier. Like a computer of mobile phone the connection is made by the energy flow. But what is being transferred is most important, of course: the information during the telephone call or text of e-mails and websites.

Working with a computer it is necessary that the information is translated by the right program, so you’ll be able to read it on the screen. When your personal energy connections are tuned during the first 3 phases of the Shekinah course, it’ll be much easier to receive information from the omnipresent consciousness. But you still need the ‘right program’ to understand and translate it.

In phase 4 this is the focus. You see, ‘the right program’ is not the same for everyone. This doesn’t mean there are no ways suiting everybody, but it is needed to colour it in your own, personal way. For each person has his or her unique way of receiving information: some people can ‘see’ it, others ‘feel’ it mostly, some people may ‘hear’ it, or even ‘smell’ it and direct ‘knowing’ is happening often as well. Also a combination of some of these possibilities is a way of receiving the information. Therefore during phase 4 is worked with several methods and in different ways which will be adjusted for each person personally.

The information transmitted from the omnipresent consciousness usually ‘talks’ in a language we don’t understand immediately. It may use images (comparable with a dream), and ‘translating’ the information is an important link in communication with the omnipresent consciousness. Each person has its own personal and unique way to process this. During phase 4 this part is also studied with much attention. This process isn’t limited to the course, but also afterwards. Your Shekinah teacher will continue supporting you in this process whenever needed. Eventually you’ll integrate your own way to communicate with the omnipresent consciousness yourself.

Phase 5 is the crowning glory of the work. Your won personal way to communicate with the omnipresent consciousness is united with the 12 dimensional levels during energetic activations through which all these levels become accessible.

If you like to read more information about several methods, used during the Shekinah course, we suggest to read this page.

Organized courses and organizing a Shekinah Course yourself

The Shekinah course is taught by authorized Shekinah teachers. Authorized teachers are presented on the worldwide Shekinah teachers list.

The Shekinah teacher training is open to enrolment. More information how to become an authorized Shekinah teacher is presented op this page.

Organized courses will be presented on the News page and on this page, in the chapter ‘Practical information’.

But it is also possible to organize a Shekinah course without becoming a Shekinah teacher yourself. That course will be taught by Krijn Koetsveld, the founder of Shekinah. You don’t have to be a ‘professional organizer’. If needed, Krijn Koetsveld will assist you in any possible way.

If you’d like to read more about organizing a Shekinah course in your town or country, we suggest to go to this page on the Cobos website.

Practical information

In this section organized courses will be mentioned, with links to information on the website of the organizer and his or her e-mail.