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More information on the Shekinah Course

More information about several aspects of the integrated Shekinah Course.

During the Shekinah course improving of your ways to communicate with the Omnipresent Consciousness is attained in several ways.

One might say that there are three different ‘categories’ of methods. On this page we offer you an example of each of these ‘categories’, to give you a preview on what happened during the course. Mark my words: these are only a few examples. During the course in each and every ‘category’ a number of ways and methods are used and taught.

The three categories are:

Improvement of your energetic connections

Example: Aquarius Codes of Enoch.

Enoch is mentioned in the Bible as a man ‘walking with God’; this is what we call ‘ascension’, nowadays. First of all it means a higher level of consciousness, that enables you to reach into realms that are inaccessible to our daily consciousness. These ‘Aquarius Codes of Enoch’ are energetic keys to create the possibility to improve your consciousness rapidly. Originally these keys go back to a time, long before the Christian era.

Over the centuries Enoch developed into the consciousness we now know as ‘Metatron’. Often he’s represented as an individual archangel, but he’s always entering in a harmonic relationship – a collective. It creates a balance between above (Metatron) and below (Sandalphon). Metatron is situated in very high frequencies of light, just one step away from the Divine. Sandalphon is connected to the frequencies we know as the centre of the Earth. That’s real harmony, but it is not limited to the balance between above and below. It also includes balance between male and female aspects.

In the tree of life (part of the Jewish secret teachings, the Kabbalah) you see the little circle (sferiot) at the bottom. This is called  ‘Malchut’. This is said to be the residence of Sandalphon and Shekinah.

The word ‘Shekinah’ indicates the Divine feminine, descended to stay with humans. Therefore a heavenly Shekinah exists too. Shekinah is the connection between Metatron and Sandalphon and is also the opposite of both: completing into entirety. This embodies the principle of ‘unity’.

This harmonic balance (above, below, male and female) is also expressed in the energetic connection which is called the ‘rainbow bridge’ – the Antahkarana, which is the pillar of light flowing through your body form head to toe and fare beyond that. The word ‘rainbow’ expresses that all colours are present. Put into energetic words, it means that all frequencies are present and inter connected: the most high, the most low and everything in between.

These renewed codes, the Aquarius Codes of Enoch – maybe we should call them ‘the codes of Metatron, Sandalphon and Shekinah’ – are adjusted to this balance in the frequencies of our present era. These codes are the ‘overtones’ of the original energetic keys, and therefore very useful in our process of expanding our consciousness.

Understanding how this communciation Works

Example: the JHWH method.

In the Kabbalah the name over the Divine is called Jahweh, which in Hebrew is written JHWH. Initiates know that this name points out the principle of how creation is functioning. It is a formula, not a person.

The first letter, which we write ‘J’, is ‘Yod’in Hebrew. It’s the smallest of all Hebrew letters, like a comma, and each and every letter of the Hebrew alphabet starts with the Yod. Therefore the meaning is ‘early beginning’ or ‘origin’. The first ‘H’ in JHWH is a window, a door to let the wind in. Wind, breath and air are associates with  life force, wisdom and ideas since time began. So the symbolism of this letter is: ‘open the window to let the ideas come in’. Of course the ideas originate in ‘the beginning’. The third letter, our ‘W’ looks like a nail in the Hebrew language. The symbolism is not hard to get: ‘hold the idea in your mind’. The fourth letter is the same as number 2, but in hebrew there isa slight difference: a little dot placed in the middle of the letter. This means ‘the window you look through to see what’s manifesting’.

So you see: the name JHWH is a secret formula, showing the way creation is functioning.

During the Shekinah course you’ll discover how you can work with this formula yourself.

There is an article about this, which will be translated soon. As soon this is finished, you’ll find it on this page.

Changing your personal attitude

Example: the points of departure

Questions that rise automatically while reading about the ‘JHWH method’, are: “How do I open that window?” “How do I receive that wisdom?”  As a result of signs, hidden in old scriptures, I developed practical methods that can be used easily. They got the title ‘points of departure.’ It isn’t difficult to understand, but it is not simple to describe it as a recipe. But you may feel it as a result of reading an story. You’ll find some of the se stories below. During the course the ‘points of departure’ are used to create ways for yourself, which suits you in the best possible way.

Examples of some point of departure

The first example comes from a Dutch Newspaper on Saturday Januari 13, 2007.

On this day a headline in the newspaper said: ‘Innovation price for fryer basket’. The article tells us that three friends used one of the points of departure, accidental, because they didn’t know and had never heard of them. They were very surprised and couldn’t believe that the basket, that’s saving costs, never was invented before. “It really is a problem solving device”, the three inventors said, receiving the price. They were good old friends since their childhood. Later on two of them became owner of a pub and the third guy sold catering devices. “After we all sold our businesses, we were sitting in the backyard, enjoying a beer. We talked about modernization in catering, and the dirt in the deep fat… Soon this solution came up to filter the dirt from the fat. Our invention is extremely simple. It’s absolutely astonishing that no one else discovered is already…”

Looking at this story from the point of view of the points of departure, we see that the friends had sold their businesses. No need to worry about that any more. The atmosphere during the conversation is relaxed, nothing to keep the mind busy. In this situation an new idea is born. Simple and effective, and they are amazed. Without knowing it, they worked with a point of departure, described as: ‘disengaging yourself from the present situation’.

The next example is much older.

The therapy of a female client of the Swiss psychiatrist Jung did not work. He had tried several ways, but nothing worked out. The client still had the same symptoms. At the moment he finally decided to end the therapy, a big beetle, a scarabee, flew against the window. Jung started to look for this creature in his books, curious to discover the meaning of the scarabee in ancient times. This turned out to be the key to understand the dreams of his client. In this way the therapy became successful and the client recovered without any delay.

Later on Jung would call this phenomenon ‘synchronicity’. He described it as a ‘principle of connection without a cause’. This means: a psychological phenomenon that goes together with events in the outside world in a very striking way without any proven connection or cause. Such an event, that mysteriously turns out to be extremely important, has sweeping results. In this example to the client of Jung, but also to his complete work: synchronicity became a very important part of his therapy.

The points of departure are recognizable in this story too. Both the client and Jung intent the cure of the client. But both of them don’t know how (anymore). The client didn’t have a clue, for that’s the reason to ask for therapy. And Jung just decided to give up. The point of departure we discussed in the first example, ‘disengaging yourself from the present situation’, is returning here. At that moment the beetle hit the window. Other people would have called it a coincident, but Jung paid a lot of attention to this event and started an investigation. That’s the second point of departure here: ‘Paying attention to a coincidence and investing it’. Later on Jung said: “A coincidence is co-incidental: two things happening together”.

In scientific discoveries coincidence is playing a much bigger part than scientists want us to believe. Stainless steel was discovered by coincidence; one piece of rejected alloys, piled up outside a laboratory, didn’t rust. The production number was still mentioned on that piece, so the alloy was traceable. And that’s why we have stainless steel…  LSD was discovered by a laboratory assistant who was testing a medicine. Coincidently he licked his fingers and had a trip. Post-it exists because of a rejected glue, till someone realised that a piece of paper with this glue could be pasted several times without leaving a trace. But the biggest coincidence probably is ‘Viagra’ – the company was working on a medicine against cardiac symptoms…      

A third example comes from the report of the anthropologist Jeremy Narby.

Narby was working on his investigation of shamanic symbolism of South American native Indians for five months already, when a friend showed him a book, containing 3D images. He saw just chaotic dots, but gazing at the page, he suddenly saw a dolphin, jumping in the waves. He realised he had to look on his investigation in a different way.

Narby writes: “This experience remembered me Bourdieu, writing this line: ’objectifying your objectifying relationship, which means being aware of your point of view’. That’s exactly what I had to do to see the 3D picture. I realised that my dissatisfaction with anthropological studies about shamanic, had to do with the necessarily focused view of academic anthropologists. By that they could not understand shamanic phenomena, like I could not see 3D pictures with an everyday view. Maybe I could find a way to relax my view and see shamanic phenomena more clearly?

During the next weeks I kept on reading, but not I tried to relax my view and to pay attention both to the style and the content of the text together. After that I started to write a temporary version of my second chapter on anthropology and shamanism. Doing so suddenly a remarkable interrelated image appeared, like the dolphin emerged from the dots: almost all the anthropologists did see nothing but their own shadow!

This view came as quite a shock. I felt I finally was on the right track: a portal to the shamanic world, which can not be seen with the everyday way of looking. We need some kind of stereoscopic perception instead…”

(Jeremy Narby, The Cosmic Snake, 2006, page 46, 47)

This report shows a point of departure, which can be determined as ‘being aware of your point of view and changing it’. Narby’s discovery was the start of a complete new, connecting vision about old shamanic rituals and insights, resulting from the latest investigations on DNA. So, again, the results are amazing.

These examples show just some of the points of departure, in ways people used it coincidentally in everyday life. It can’t be described as a recipe, but you may incorporate tem in your own way: during the course you learn how to discover the points of departure in your own life and how to give it your own, personal touch.

Your personal blueprint

Each human being is unique. Even very young children show their personal qualities en strength, that turn out to be innate, rather than acquired. Therefore ‘personal development’ usually runs smoothly when it is based on this innate, unique elements, which we can summarize as ‘your personal blueprint’. 

Discovering your personal blueprint was a condition to life in ancient times. All inhabitants of mystery schools, temples etc. were very aware of that. When people visited the temple to get information or asked for rituals to be healed, the blueprint often was the starting point. They knew how the blueprint of each person connects to the whole of creation: the tribe, the country, even how it is connected to the powers of the earth and the cosmos. Our current astrology is a very watered down remnant of this high developed wisdom. Unfortunately over the years astrology is misused and misunderstood so often, that people usually don’t pay any attention to it and don’t see the value anymore. That’s a tragedy, because other useful aspects of the old wisdom and knowledge have gone down the drain simultaneously.

Numerology is an aspect of the old knowledge that can still be used in a really pure way.  Numerology shows how certain aspects in your name and you birth date reveal the headlines of the blueprint of your life. These are your innate, unique elements, which are no dogma’s or rules that you should follow, but useful tools to compare your life of today with your starting points. In this way you’ll get an overview of what you already realised in your life, where you turned off to another road, and if you still like that or not. In this way your blueprint offers you a beautiful ‘eagle view’ of your present situation. With this information you are able to make clear and deliberate choices in your life and personal development.

During this part of the course you also work on integrating the JHWH method in a elaborate, personal way. Numerology branched from the tree of life of the Kabbalah. The upper part of this tree of life can be understood in a esoteric way and by that you’ll understand in a deeper and more focused way how the principles of creation that are mentioned in the JHWH method, works. You’ll learn how to translate that into methods that suits you well in your personal, everyday life. In this way you’ll be able to improve your personal manifestation and development.