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Shekinah: Portal to the Omnipresent Consciousness

“Our consciousness determines how we see the world. So, in order to change our way of life and the world itself, we need to change our consciousness. This understanding reveals from real listening to people who want to share their near death experiences with us. These insights exists for thousands of years and are also timeless and contemporary. To reveal these insights, you don’t need a near death experience yourself.”

Pim van Lommel at the end of his book “Endless Consciousness”. 

Shekinah is about contacting the ‘Omnipresent Consciousness’. Other words for this are ‘Endless Consciousness’, ‘Non-local Consciousness’, ‘Unity Consciousness’ and, in the religious character of Buddhism: ‘Enlightment’. 

It is fascinating to read in the book quoted above, how the Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel is growing towards the inevitable conclusion that something like an omnipresent consciousness must exist. He describes this in his scientific study to near death experiences. He says that we all are connected to this omnipresent consciousness in a way that usually is not traceable for our daily perception.

At the 21st of December 2000 during the Winter solstice a small group and me gathered near a small village in the north part of the Netherlands. It is said that at this spot many ley lines cross. Exactly at the moment of the  Winter solstice, we were ‘unplugged’, so it seamed, for afterwards all of us lost a quarter of an hour. One of the group members dreamed we had “liberated the Shekinah”. At that time I did not have a clue what this was all about.

The story continued, with a temporary ending at the Summer solstice at the 21st of June 2001. At the same spot a pillar of energy rose from the earth up to the cosmic realms and descended after a while. The energy was tangibly changed and the pillar of light stayed there.

Throughout the years I understood more and more about what was started that day. I discovered an old myth about Shekinah. It was said that this divine cosmic female aspect Shekinah separated herself, in order to be with the human beings. The reason was that the connection with the Divine was broken, but in this way it should be possible to restore the connection at the right time.

It is not easy to understand myths and therefore it took some time before I realised that this had to do with a very special aspect of our own consciousness. We only encounter this aspect rarely if ever. For instance in dreams, when suddenly you know you’ve got access to all knowledge. Or at times you get such a wonderful idea, that you wonder why you never thought of that before. Or in an enraptured moment, losing yourself and merging with everything around you. The cultures in the east try to achieve these layers of consciousness by meditation. Now the Dutch cardiologist van Lommel broke the taboo of the near death experience, it is clear that a large group of people have experiences at a level of consciousness where access to all knowledge is possible during moments of cardiac arrest, accident or other trauma. Sometimes they overlook their life, including all the (emotional) reactions of other people to their own behaviour. Even a glance in the future is possible. That shows that this consciousness, besides non-local, is timeless too.

By all this I understood more about what happened in this place where the ley lines cross. It had to do with reconnecting to the Omnipresent Consciousness. In former times, thousands of years ago, this consciousness must have been a normal aspect of everyday life to almost everyone. Understanding this, my attention was attracted to the fact that many people are working on this, but mostly in an unconscious way. Many children, born with the ability to access this omnipresent consciousness, are drugged with special medicines. Was it enough, I wondered, that the energetic contact was restored by that pillar of light, or was it about something else as well?

Being a pioneer, I was also the guinea pig. When I brought myself into a state of meditation, I started to receive answers to questions as stated above. I was somewhat sceptical in the beginning, for it all seemed to be incoherent, but after some years more and more a consistent unity emerged. To more specific questions I got more specific answers, and it turned out to be possible to verify it. For remarkable coincidences supported the process. My since childhood grown predilection for old, mostly secret esoteric lectures also leaded me to this field of consciousness beyond our daily perspective. I discovered that these lectures contain concealed practical information about how to make this contact. It actually told about several ways of doing this. I experimented a lot and tired to separate chaff from wheat the best I could. In this way I obtained the first useful skills that made this contact possible. These skills has to do with understanding how it works, but also with personal attitude and manners. Like someone seeing aura’s, suddenly looses his view on the aura when he focuses, this also has to do with a specific mental attitude and that turned out to be something everyone can learn.

It is remarkable to see that there is also a kind of dominoes effect: as soon I succeeded to make contact, by itself it went easier, quicker and more often. Nowadays it announces itself just like that. In the end I understood the functioning of this first pillar of light, in which Shekinah restored the connection: energy is the carrier of information, which you can discover through words, images, inspiration, direct knowledge and/or feeling. Working with these energies turned out to be supporting the creating and consolidating of the contact. This is clearly an aspect of the omnipresent consciousness itself, for at this level time does not exist and because of that cause and effect doesn’t exist either. Both are exchangeable – that was shown when we started to work with the energies: by working with the energies the contact is created and my creating the contact the flow of energy becomes stronger and the information becomes more understandable.

Eventually the number of ways and methods to create contact with the omnipresent consciousness increased more and more. During 2009 I realised that all these ways and methods created a wonderful harmonic and even organic way of following. Like beads brought together in a chain in a balanced way. It received the name ‘the phases of Shekinah’. The word ‘phase’ refers to the way a star moves through the sky. It moves through it’s curve in a logical, natural way, without skipping some parts. Shekinah had grown into one whole, and in this way also a way of teaching it integrally to others was born.

Krijn Koetsveld.

The phases of Shekinah

Phase 1 – Preparing the room and people working there.

Creating a pillar of light in the room, a so called ‘vortex’, that connects energies of the earth and the cosmos in a harmonic way. Through this vortex an energy field is created that fills the whole room with this harmonised energy. We call it ‘the sacred space’.  

Phase 2 – The Antahkarana and the reunion of all the energies.

Everyone present in the sacred space now can absorb the vortex into the personal energy field. Activating this personal vortex is called ‘Antahkarana’. This personal pillar of light reunites all frequencies into oneness by integration of the energies of the earth and cosmos, when it expands to the galactic lemniscate (an energetic connection to the centre of the galaxy and beyond).

Phase 3 – Opening energy channels and balancing of the energy in the physical body.

Through the energy field in the room and the activated Antahkarana the reunited energy activates the Light body into a balanced frequency, resonating with the energies of the Aquarius age. This is usually called the Merkivah, but these frequencies are an overtone. Inside the physical body the Prana tube is activated (the central column through all seven main chakras) as well as the energy channels the Ida and Pingala (female and male energy channels). In ancient times these activations were given with sacred codes and keys, which are very old now. Nowadays these codes are activated in a modern and upgraded way, in order to resonate with the energies of the Aquarius age. Therefore we call it ‘the Aquarius codes of Enoch’. With this the seven main chakra’s open up to ‘seven portals of consciousness’. After that each chakra resonates with a ‘quantum field’ – this is a non-separable part of the Omnipresent consciousness – and in this way a possibility to expand your consciousness is created. Phase 3 consists of an introduction to these portals and a complete activation later on of these seven portals, and five portals above and five below the physical body, integrating with the galactic lemniscate.

Phase 4 – Transformation, personal development a blueprint for this life.

Activating and balancing of the physical body and the energy fields around it into one, harmonic unity, does activate the chakras, but it also activates the brain and the DNA on the micro level of each cell. Chakras, brain and DNA can be seen as devices, like a mobile phone: exchanging information from one level to another and vice versa. In this case the Omnipresent consciousness gives you a call, and you are talking through this ‘devices’. These devices need resetting: they are deviated by old habits, convictions and so on.

In the first part of this phase we’re working on this ‘resetting’ by transformation. This is done by several meditations, activations and body work. Besides that we work with a method that is transforming your personal attitude in dealing with emotions (this is called ‘emotional mastery’). Also learning to apply secret ancient skills (like the JHWH method, a cabbalistic way of creating and manifesting), is being taught. By all this the harmonised and unified energy anchors into the physical body, the energy channels and the chakras. You open up to the Omnipresent consciousness completely.

This phase can be expanded by elaborating the original personal blueprint for this life for each participant. The personal, unique qualities through which you connect to the Omnipresent consciousness are revealed.

In short: during phase 4 your connection to the Omnipresent consciousness expands more and more. In this way you discover also your unique, personal way to communicate.

Phase 5 – Activation of the 12 dimensions into unity.

Now, through the energy channels, your chakra’s and your DNA, your consciousness can expand to one, integrated unity with the Omnipresent consciousness. This means that the 12 dimensions integrate into a 13th one: you. This brings this unified consciousness also into the place where you live and work (your job, place of coaching, treatment or workshop). It is integrated in your Antahkarana and your personal energy fields: your own ‘sacred space’. And in the ‘sacred space’ of your hands when you’re working with the energies in the same place or at distance.

Krijn Koetsveld

Krijn has over 25 years of experience in coaching and teaching. foto Krijn KoetsveldHe studied several trainings in energy work, meditation and coaching After working as Shamballa Master Teacher he now works with Shekinah only. He is directly connected to the omnipresent consciousness  and also to Mary Magdalene, Michael, Metatron, Merlin, Germain and Shekinah. He is the founder of the method of integrated energy work to connect to the omnipresent consciousness, called ‘Shekinah’.

Curriculum Vitae of Krijn Koetsveld

1951           born on December 27th

1956 - 1964 primary school in central Netherlands

1964 – 1970 secondary school

1971 – 1975 Study in Psychiatric Hospital

1975 – 1976 Working in Psychiatric Hospital

1976 - 1978 Group therapist in CSZ Hospital

1979 - 1983 Head of department in CSZ en higher vocational study

1983 – 1987 Head of Therapeutic Community

1987 – 1989 part time group therapist

1987 – 1998 father and part time housekeeping

1989 – 1994 coordinator intensive psychotherapeutic part time treatment

1990 – 1993 study teacher Autogene Training

1994            moving to theeast part of the Netherlands

1995 – 2000 initiator and member of the board of Literary Saloon Hengelo

1995            start own company: courses Autogene Training

1996 – 1998  study Shamballa MD Healing with John Armitage

1999            start courses Shamballa MDH in east Netherlands

2000 – 2001  activation of Shekinah north Netherlands

2001            start Cobos Agency

2001            start national workshops Shamballa MDH

2001 – 2008  organiser Shamballa workshops with John Armitage

2002            start Earth healing journeys

2002 – 2008  initiator Shamballa Organization

2003            initiator regional Shamballa groups in the Netherlands

2004             first Shekinah Winter solstice workshop

2005             start development ‘7 Portals of Consciousness’

2005             Initiator trip John Armitage to regional Shamballa groups

2006             Initiating Shamballa Basic with John Armitage

2006             Initiator of the Shamballa Festival

2007             start international workshops

2008             start of the integration of Shekinah

2008             start training ‘Realising of your core essence'

2008              first Shekinah Festival

2009              start Shekinah teacher training

Organizing courses

Krijn Koetsveld teaches Shekinah in the English language on demand, working with local organisers.

On this page you’ll find more information about how a Shekinah course can be organized.

Shekinah teacher training

If you like to get acquainted with the possibilities to become an authorized Shekinah teacher, we recommend you also this page.  

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